31 Oct 2005

I have become as a child of daylight — not as I once was, darkling avatar of the night, back in the lost hours that lifetime ago. I admit that I still desire to work into the wee corners, and sometimes it is just to stay up to while away the time in random virtual places, but these are not the wayward activities that once took my everyminute. How I then denied that any of it could make any sense: no, not in so many words did I spell such a thought out, for I made myself an artificial mystery, but this was the tantamount to all my philosophies. (Of course, if you could even call them so, for they were at best dabblings within systems of thought that never even pretended to complement one another.) But here am I now, as if turned knight from knave, though no, not quite knight, I know. As if awake, now, from a yawning slumber, though well aware that not all these memories were merely dreams.

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