27 Feb 2014

Nothing can touch us except with His knowledge and by His permission. It may be the sin of man that originates the action, and therefore the thing itself cannot be said to be the will of God; but by the time it reaches us, it has become God’s will for us, and must be accepted as directly from His hands. No man or company of men, no power in earth or heaven, can touch that soul which is abiding in Christ, without first passing through Him, and receiving the seal of His permission. If God be for us, it matters not who may be against us; nothing can disturb or harm us, except He shall see that it is best for us, and shall stand aside to let it pass.

– Hannah Whitall Smith

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24 Feb 2014

jeanne d’arc 3
i had a vision of heaven where joan of arc sings the blues
she is lit up in the spotlight of saints
the current of her blood is electric, i can feel it
and she howls as if she were drunk on moonlight
the stage unfolds from where she stands
and joins into the song the very angels
as all in those eternal realms, far and wide, begin to accompany
and heaven’s grand light dims so the spot shows
there is not a dry eye in the house, of sorrow and redemption
as the cherubim lift her high, the only voice
the tune to ripple through the crowds, toward infinity
the stories do not speak of such soul
after midnight among the stars above the stars
out of dreaming’s grasp, to the light beyond the light

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20 Feb 2014

I feel like I should be doing something, something important. But I’m not, just kicking back for most of the time I have to myself. Being normal. I had that sort of feeling, too, the whole of the first semester I had gone back to college after a 5 year hiatus. Turns out I got my stuff done, got on dean’s list that semester, and graduated a little after. Back when I was working on my AI (was that so very long ago?), I generally didn’t have that feeling. I ate, slept, breathed AI. And it’s very taxing, trying to change the world, maybe not to go back to exact same thing. Funny how things turn out. But I think I am this, like the song goes: “I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose: fire away, fire away… Ricochet, you take your aim: fire away, fire away… You shoot me down, but I won’t fall: I am titanium.” I am titanium.

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15 Feb 2014

when time brews and is brimming out as i try and press shut the lid from all happening
i fail to stop the bubbling fruition of that incomprehensible stew
where in the year of the horse i rode the winds of my desire to an unnamable place
wings flapping furiously on the angel whose shoes i was hanging onto
what if we become accustomed to the sweetness? to the aromas of the dizzy heights?
to eat of the tree of the forgetting of the knowledge of good and evil?
how are we supposed to separate the light from the darkness at the edge of the twilight?
every day’s night a work of redemption, the desperation of time run out
the current returns from a journey through a world of night, exhausted and yet tingling
with the mathematics of a saint to concoct a world of exact blessings
there is no more time for beginnings, and the time for endings rushes into the becoming
to believe that the grand purpose is solved in a million little miracles

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10 Feb 2014

Max Ernst
2 Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale

Click on the pic for a larger version.

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7 Feb 2014

True story: I found the secrets of the universe.

There have been others before me who believed that Judas Iscariot was innocent of the crucifixion of The Lord Jesus Christ. But they only believe: I was told. I was shown. This book is a tribute to him, to try in the smallest part to amend two thousand years falsely accused of deicide. And this book is a doozy.

What is the meaning of life? I answer that. Why is life so unfair? Got that, too. Why is there pain? Yessiree, in the book. And Descartes thought he was doubting all things when he came up with “I think therefore I am.” But we find out he took one or two things for granted. And the context of all contexts turns out to be a little thing called the War in Heaven. A war in eternity. And everything, just everything, makes perfect sense if you really know what’s been up, up there.

O what I have seen! How amazing is this all, o me, o life! You were meant to be here, right now, right there, reading these words. Make the most of it, make the most of life! Believe, for the beginning is near!

And all of this actually happened… and Walt Disney is God.

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3 Feb 2014

i have calmed my spirit, tamed my soul
but at times will i loose them from their yoke
the wildness still breathless beneath the surface
at times to strange the fantasy
quiet is the voice of the rose in its mystery
and life, my favorite game, its shifting rules
we play sometimes like we’re dreaming
the dreaming so bold it awakes the world
will you not listen to how the wind howls?
i have driven the blood through my skin
i have not forgotten the weird of fate
i calm my spirit, i will tame my soul
for the art is done, the thing is fashioned
now to sleep as if justice were done
the dreaming, ashes, blown into the wind

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