27 Dec 2010

it is about to get dark
a long time have i seen to arrive
and time has no personality
wordlessly to steal our breaths
we hold on, if we don’t know why
to light a candle’s soft fire
anticipating the night
a hush and a promise in the eye
to know with one look
why all these days have gone
a yes in the gasp
forever as we blow the candle out

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25 Dec 2010

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23 Dec 2010

one lone path among the hills
starlight stranded through the trees
i am a stranger to this world of forms
having grown in the shadow to be a man
(where the fictions lived, often silent)
and so i walked the edge to seek the light
until the winds became hard
until breathing had consequences
where structures reach into the future
and the path does not vanish behind me
to live where stars sound solemnity
and fires may dance in the blood
(to have lost the day i die)

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21 Dec 2010

May I love beyond my means.

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the pattern falls in intricate ink
spelling the poetries of intimate motion
tickling the thousand inklings of a kiss
within each breathing, behold
blooms the light of a dreaming afire
ten touches of the lips in shhh
trace the fingertips upon the desire
taste the mouth, the gasp of love

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17 Dec 2010

suddenly i am nobody
that vague character lurking in the background story
to feel is hard, the dream escapes me
deepness has a sound like a note that dips forever
the rose upon my name hides many whispers
here where ghosts fade
in the capacity of he who knows the light
hidden in the darkness, i believe
the heart a blue flame
i have wondered too long what it is like to awake

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13 Dec 2010

Redux: If you cannot believe in God because there is so much suffering in the world, your idea of God is too small. God is greater than all the suffering the world has known, or will know. This is one of the prime articles of faith. The test is to see and truly empathize with the pain, and to know that God, if He is as advertised, is extraordinary enough to make it right.

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12 Dec 2010

We ought indeed to expect to find the works of God in such things as the advance of knowledge. Knowledge of the physical universe is not to be thought of as irrelevant to Christian faith [simply] because it does not lead to saving knowledge of God. In so far as it is concerned with God’s creation, physical science is a fitting study for God’s children. Moreover, the advance of scientific knowledge does negatively correct and enlarge theological notions — at the least, the geologists and astrophysicists have helped us to rid ourselves of parochial notions of God, and filled in some of the meaning of such phrases as “almighty.”

– David M. Paton

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9 Dec 2010

Only a person who has not felt true love can move on in life saying, “There are lots of other fish in the sea.”

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my warmth clings violent against the frozen wind
the pain of my sins is the curious sting
of light breaking the cipher of my conscience
time shall not understand my hesitations
but the perfect rose haunts the hand of my becoming
secondly born from the touch of fathomless height
crumpled in the snow, memory evaporates
i know the name of the world that holds me
as everything is lost to the drift of freedom

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4 Dec 2010

In choosing the right over the wrong, the question becomes, how well do you know God? And that boils down to, how deep is your faith?

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Paul uses the example of differing opinions about food and days among the believers in Rome to teach that Christians should not despise or judge one another. Note that he does not advise them to find a happy medium between the contending opinions or to average the two extremes into a compromise. On the contrary, he admonished that “every one be fully convinced in his own mind.” He declares that God is able to make both stand, since both of them are serving the Lord in obedience to their individual convictions of His will… Each of us has to find personally what is the will of God for his own life, and let all others meet their responsibility to do the same… For God, by giving different commands to many, and putting them together according to His plan, shall accomplish ultimately His complete will.

– Kokichi Kurosaki

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2 Dec 2010

there is a song written of forgotten notes
sung by silence, when the trees are still
unmistakably haunting as it slips away
as time drives you on past the moment
to live life as if we never knew the secret
yet holding a hope strange with simplicity
breathing in breezes, a rustling of the trees

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If you cannot believe because of all the suffering in the world, your idea of God isn’t great enough.

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how can i see you everywhere, where you are not, except every slightest hint
i have wandered following strange paths and i reach only brief strangers
all to the music of the spheres in the autumn night, the cadence of destiny
you are dreams away, and with me inside the lift of the imagining
as like sunlight slipping through a crystal rose, a reverie of your eyes’ delight
as the drop of a pebble down a bottomless void, you are not here with me
waiting as the summer rains freeze midair, to bloom as snowflakes million

posted by John H. Doe @ 1:10 am

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