13 Mar 2010


There was nothing left to do but to try it for real. Perhaps, when it “went down” as it did, it could have happened differently, but it happened the way it happened. The battle was more of a skirmish, really, between two technological equals, relatively speaking — both were using armor plated robots in the front lines, the flesh and blood people staying well behind fences and other defensible edifices. It was as if acutely made for a “real” trial run to see what Sense would actually do. As the bots began to position themselves, swathing in a segmented fanning motion behind the natural structures it could utilize (mostly rocks, as the case was, as the terrain provided), it began to look promising. The side with Sense was using a classic strategy, to the trained eye: but in a new form. As if it were adapting known game plan on the fly, by way of what was available.

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