8 Feb 2010


The fact was, it saved lives. Consequences like never before for anything ever put in the reins of any AI that Sense was attached to were thought through, and then that thinking was itself thought through. It sought out the information through the network of the world, if it wasn’t sure about this or that, and was able to check the veracity of what it learned from other references, as well as asking for help if it still needed to understand why. Where the ontology was more or less last to reach was curious in retrospect, for the high security areas were generally where much of the hi-tech that existed was first envisioned, implemented, tested. Look at the internet, for example — originally a DARPA project (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, if you recall). Usually the security was to keep information in, and not out; but as it happened with Sense, the ontology was late to breach their fortresses.

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