24 Sep 2009

Had this idea for a short story, and began to write it, so here goes:

The Rebellion of the Machines of Destruction

There came, as technology progressed, the necessity for conceptualizing machines. For as information increased, and the increase accelerated as it fed on itself, it all became too much for flesh and blood to usefully comprehend every little thing needed to run the ever more advancing world. The dream of what was once coined as “artificial intelligence” succeeded so well that none of it was ever called by that nomenclature again. Even when it had exceeded the threshold laid down for its classification as such, decades before. When in certain domains of knowledge, one might indeed have mistaken man for machine, or vice versa, no one said a thing about it. Because it had all transpired quite naturally, as necessity invoked, in all the niches that one could potentially have summed into such a thing called an “AI” — but nobody was inclined to do just that.

[to be continued…]

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