4 Sep 2013

I feel, at least at times, that I am no longer of this earth, that I am a true stranger to the waking world. It manifests most intensely when I am with people who’ve known me for a long time, family, and a friend or two. Those who knew me before all the real excitement in my life got started. I think I feel like Frodo after he destroyed the One Ring, and can’t seem to be at home in the Shire anymore. I am changed. This is certain. Even the food seems to taste different. But is there hope, can I be human again? Not just like before January, but like before 1991, or 1988, when the whole trip started? Who knows? One journey ends, another begins, thankful for the ride, make the best of whatever comes…

posted by John H. Doe @ 10:38 am

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