1 Aug 2013

i sense the undercurrents building
wonder when the breaking moment comes, or if
all will subside, as if nothing ever were
either way i know that my heart will break
i’ve held the words of unfolding until the time ignites
the fire like brooding at the outskirts of doom
now the wind dreams through the trees
and the momentum of the sorrow throws me
out of orbit and hurtling through the infinite sky
to perceive the darkness born before the world
and the light that forever owes its weightlessness to
i have come to the edge of oblivion to stare
there is no beginning and there is no end
not if you believe: just one drop of courage
and you will find the strength to move that mountain
the miracle in the very blood, the beginning is near

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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