7 Jun 2013

weaves of breezes shape the sense of time flowing as invisible fabrics across my skin
we, as harbingers of a better day: inhale the darkness and calculations, exhaling light
with every kick of the psyche, to break any glass ceiling of dreaming, of imagination
shifting through the planes of existence as if the angels gave you momentary wings
hero after hero have conquered the skies, only to long for a home to touch down to
thus the challenge: to love in all might without one need that tomorrow should come
i return to myself, having been scattered by many dreams, by the dream of the world
the wind of the waking world i find quickly familiar, to wonder, where have i been?
i have dreamed i did heroic things, fought the beast at the dark side of strange skies
and when God found me, i did not wrestle; but removed my shoes, for it is holy ground
the breezes now to escape my touch, and time to continue as time is bent on changing
and all i could think of this sinner: my Lord, my Lord, why did you not abandon me?

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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