22 Dec 2012


Like all transcendent phenomena, you may examine destiny inside and out, dissect it and label all the minutia in a consistent, human logic — and it will still be a mystery. One understands that the concept of what is meant to be cannot be stitched on everything that happens to happen: the mystery only holds for some specific effects. Not even all inevitability can be classified as being of fate. Somewhere a winding chain of events cause greatness to occur, and we call it destiny when we sense of it the tragedy or the triumph outside of the ordinary movements of this turning world. When we sense the desire of the universe to master the eventualities, over and above the standard win or lose. Be warned: you cannot avoid the choice, and when you choose, everyone else will say how it was the inevitable way. But you know all too well when enough weight is bearing down on you: how easy it would be to drop it all, and run.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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