31 Jul 2012

What if the idea that gods are the embodiments of ideals is correct, except there is only One, and the only ideal is Love? We might have hints of such an idea from the Bible, where the God of the Hebrews identifies Himself as “I AM”. No other god is so named: what this is actually saying is, no other god “is”, at all, none other exists. None other can have that name, for He claims it. Then there is one Jesus Christ, who is identified as “Immanuel”, and that is another clue: it means “God with us” — so in other words, He is the literal Son of God. And if one can see, one notices that if we can declare that the Son is good, then God the Father, who is of one substance with the Son, must be good, too. And what exactly is this God? God is love, of course. Jesus Christ makes this point by showing us, not just telling us what we must do to be called His children.

So then, the explanation for everything: the foundation of all things lies in a Creator who is Love. And as Oscar Wilde once said, “the mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death.” That which both everyone understands and no one does. The Creator is then revealed in His creation — not as a capricious entity who does things of whim, but a God of mysterious order. For whim cannot build a universe, not like the one we see. And this is the final clue: when love has been traced down into its constituent particles, and everything about how and what it does has been completely figured out, it will still be a mystery. Because the infinite will always be a mystery to those who are finite, and the transcendent always a mystery to earthly beings such as we.

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