8 Aug 2011

I am a believer, a Christian, but there are two things which I roll around in my mind about the faith. I have no problem with the resurrection, or even the virgin birth — the former, in my mind merely a science beyond our knowing, and the latter is an unlikely, but scientifically possible event. One thing is why it seems that Jesus seemed to be predicting an apocalypse very soon after his death (and rise). All the early believers seemed to think He’d be right back, especially Paul. The other thing is whether Jesus was God. The term “Son of God” was generally applied to the king, and did not necessarily mean he was made of the same substance. Jehovah’s Witnesses, in fact, don’t believe He was equal with God. If anyone out there has some good literature that teases these questions out, leave a comment. I’ve done some reading on both, and have yet to come upon something really convincing on either.

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