29 Jul 2011

[This is a book I’m writing, veeery slowly. Chapters 1-4 are at alquemie.com.]

[Chapter 5.]

I have a dream that I live in a dystopia, whose beginning has been long forgotten and which seems to continue to eternity. I am the secret leader of the resistance, a fact that I do not even let myself in on unless absolutely necessary, for They can read minds, and often do. I am organizing a mass uprising, intricate in its complexity, its scheme — the plan of which grew even through several generations of leaders, the unfinished version I inherited from my predecessor. On the night that everything is to unfold, I see lit up on a large screen where in the world the revolution is beginning. Then the door breaks down, and it is the forces of authority — but as I am overrun, I realize that I am not the real leader, only a diversion, that I am meant to get caught…

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