11 Jul 2011


Where did I see you? I never saw you.
When your sigh haunted the forests of Heaven,
I fell bottomless. The lower curve of your eye
flew on a dove’s wing one Autumn
when the leaves stilled their breaths to the
hint of your passing. Flight is your touch’s toy.
Your fingers unearthed a depth my understanding
yet kneels to drink, there in the starry
mountain sky as rose petals fluttered endlessly
from your fingertips. I inhaled the
echo of your look, the page of my spirit
I cannot help but rhyme into my every breath.
Where did I see you? I never saw you. Slower
than a dream I gazed into your eyes, but you
were a vision of a farther dreamer than myself.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:07 am

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