18 Jun 2011

I have the problem opposite to most people: I have too many signs. At times, I think that this is what madness must be like. The basic idea of a sign is that, apparently, improbable things will happen in conjunction with other improbable things. That is a sign: an improbable thing that makes way for something significant (see the root of that word there?) then to happen following. If not a miracle. What happens, though, if improbable things keep happening? What happens when the uncommon becomes common? It’s an embarrassment of riches, n’est-ce pas? I must say, I will not be one to say they’d rather have it the other way around. Too much is better than not enough. And who knows? This improbable life that I live, maybe it is for me, having so much, to be able to share them somehow with people who have not so much. If one looks for purpose, one should not be amazed when one finds it…

posted by John H. Doe @ 1:20 am

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