21 Mar 2011

Let me dream a little more before the night fades away. Morning, come not so quickly, for I have friends here I can see at no other time. Just a few minutes more where I wield a righteous sword, where I lift up from the boundaries of all earthborn souls, where I understand everything and know nothing. I know what waits for me when dawn shall peer through my window, and it is fair enough, I might say — there is much to be said for the solidities, and I would not that any of them be traded in for the ethereal dreamthings — but I ask not for an eternity, just a little while. My body is too heavy, just now, for this soul to be weighed down with it. Here, where time and space are blurred into one another, let me just say goodbye to those elfin eyes whose color my focus cannot hold, who once kissed me but never seems to remember. Let me pretend for just one moment more that it really happened, before I must forget the whole voyage through this night — into the shelves never to be scryed again.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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