5 Mar 2011

For an addict, every time is his last time. He quits after every fix — once is too much, a thousand is never enough, as it is said. But one cannot break out of the vicious cycle unless one condition is met: that he wants to quit. Otherwise, the addict is kidding himself. It might take the event that is called “hitting rock bottom” for that desire to kick in, but one thing we learn of these situations is that there is a way out. It may show itself in odd ways, but within every contract for addiction is a loophole that can free you from indefinite servitude. Truly, it is merely the case of, “ask and it shall be given you,” for we may find, if we take a moment to look, that we will find that the cage we are in is not locked. That hope is everywhere, even when we are lost in nowhere…

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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