2 Mar 2011

What does it mean to believe? It is not in like knowing something I drop will fall, but rather that one puts stake in the potential for a thing to be. What I believe in is real to me, and I will live in accordance to that reality. If reality itself, in the form of experience, proves a belief wrong, I will suffer the consequences. Why do we believe in anything, if we can be wrong about it? If the reality that we live by because of a belief does not make sense in the context of the world, one must question its sensibility. But ultimately, if it comes down to the question of whether life has value or not, I will believe that it does. In this way will I choose to live. If what follows makes sense of this belief, perhaps this, too, should be believed. Not to make foolish jumps in logic, but to have courage, too: if we are wrong, but make of this world a better place, the world will not remember that we were wrong.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:49 am

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