13 Jan 2011

the mystery is how meaning will hide in pain
or why we remember things as we do
we look deep for answers, the deep looks back
(this is the place where monsters live)
we mistake love for a glue to hold things together
or hope as an end product, to stop there
as the work to be done rusts, with once eager eyes
(and we wonder what we have forgotten)
and the truth of it all we claim beyond understanding
when i know that in a few certain kisses
i found some answers i could never have read about
(to believe things will happen anyway)
because it is irrelevant why it is your world turns
if you let the pain be what turns you
or if you are defiant merely for the lack of option
(really? you’d rather reign in hell?)
one day you may grow up, and see a strange thing
that mystery your parents kept from you
we keep going. that’s it. you have more important things?
(keep it to yourself. we have stuff to do)

posted by John H. Doe @ 2:19 am

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