4 Jan 2011

Poetics of Programming
I build structures of electricity, which exist for fractions of a second, then become something else. I make statues made of change itself. They are stable enough when I write them into being, but when they do what they are supposed to, they are more ephemeral than the slightest passing notion. And yet they are real, sometimes to represent what exists outside the matrix, but sometimes to exist as most genuine by the arrangement of photons that the eye perceives. It is a beautiful science, a mysterious one. Like crafting a dream, in a dream world, with its own exotic laws, which reaches into waking life through pathways of electrons. Sometimes to think only in terms of that dreaming, detached from this world of solidities. Wandering through the gates of logic, weaving through its threads of operation.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:16 am

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