7 Oct 2010

The Lord said to us of how we treat our servants, who have all day long worked the fields: when they are done, we do not say, “let me wait upon you now”, but rather that they should make our meal before they stop to eat themselves. It is thus I must think to treat of our relation to Him above, He told us, and I am beginning to learn this mode of being. We must try our best to be perfect, and in doing something minimal in such competence, being saints, say that we are unprofitable servants, for we merely did as we were told. It is not that God loves us so little; it is in fact, the opposite. He gave us everything we have, He gave us life itself, and for that, we will never be worthy, much less life eternal. The role of the unprofitable servant is merely the realization of how great the love of God is. The higher we rise as saints, how great the failings we realize. This is the paradox of holiness, of which only our Lord Himself was exempt.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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