28 Sep 2010

Is it bad to be uncompromising? I have at times thought myself something of an all or nothing individual, but I know that in my past that I have given a little to get a little. If one can bring about a massive good by doing a little evil, one should go for it, no? Except perhaps that there might be limits as to what that “little evil” can be. It was that thinking which led our Lord and Savior to the slaughter, after all. The high priest thought that one sacrifice might stop the Romans from killing many instead, to stem the idea of revolution. Perhaps one might learn a lesson from our Lord, then: for he compromised not when it came to giving into any wrongdoing, but his sacrifice of his own life was a compromise to the evil of the world, that which price he paid to redeem us all. Perhaps that is the lesson: pick your battles. Choose them well. Consequences shall come, whatever we decide.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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