16 Sep 2010

Another dream. It was a damnation machine, and I was caught. It did not reveal itself as such when it first showed itself in the dreaming, just a massive, evil contraption, which was about to cut down innocents in its maw. Made of twisted steel, of the shape reminiscent of that mask the samurai wear when donning their armor. I was caught in this machine, but I got instruction from somewhere what to do to save those innocents in the mouth of the machine: a message from on high, Micha-el the archangel, if I recognized its signature. I shifted in one direction, then another, and the archangel saved those in harm’s way. But now I was trapped in the upper part of the machine. And then the demon in control of it revealed that where I was caught was the more wicked device: that which was to turn me evil, were I not to be rescued from the path of this top mechanism.

But I guess the trick to any of Satan’s lies truly lies in faith. My teacher once taught me, teaching of Faust, that what truly damned the good doctor was not in selling his soul to the devil, but that in the end, he despaired. And thus I was rescued from the machine in good turn, because I had been in bleak situations before in the dreaming (yes, I have strange dreams). And I learned what my teacher said was indeed the truth, that if we do not despair, if we keep the faith, that if the hope in us does not die, then whatever is immortal in us also does not die. And I remember I kept in good spirits for just a few minutes, whereupon I felt myself freed from the wicked contraption. (Upon this, the demon tried to curse me and say that I had not truly been freed, but I believe him not.) And I find I am right with my God. And from the dreaming I awake.

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