7 Sep 2010

After one dream, the purpose was clear. Not for what the dream said, but what I could interpret from what had happened. There had been a theme through that dream, which I was not catching, and so those on high, who had apparently wanted me to pay attention, let loose the dogs, as it were. Lightly, they allowed some evil to persecute me, and it told lies about me, being the adversary. The lies got my attention, for I tried to make sense of the guilt they wished to impugn. But the main idea for that small torment was that I got the message that had been the theme. I finally paid attention to the thing they were trying to express, which I had been missing the whole time. And I realized something important about the way things worked. How things that are evil are allowed to touch us, sometimes, not to hear their message, but to look higher, and see that what is above just might be trying to get our attention.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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