25 Jul 2010

The narrow way is to do things that would gain praise, and hate that kind of praise. Even so, to accept that praise, and not get swelled up with pride. It is when you can do anything, to do the right thing. When the Lord is good to us, to understand it is not for something we are responsible for, but His love is that great, so He loves us when we are undeserving. The narrow way is a bridge on a tenuous path, needing constant attention while we walk it, lest we slip into the darkness below. It is to seek the light with all our soul, but not forget everything else. Let us say, if nothing else, it is a very simple thing, really, and therein lies the rub. All that the narrow way is, is love. And such a simple thing tends not to fit very neatly into our complicated situations. For wide is the gate of destruction: it is everything else that true love is not.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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