22 Jun 2010

This is what Paul learned: when you think you are strong, it is then that you are weak. For we tend to overestimate ourselves, I think, when things are going our way. And conversely, when things are falling apart, we feel as if we are the cause for all that goes wrong. We are strong when we think we are weak because in fact, we are handling the hurt somehow, managing the frustration, and it is this fact which actually makes us think we are about to break. The idea about these things is that it is mercy, both of them: that the world does not always pull out the rug from under us when we think we are strong; and that purpose lies behind all that goes wrong, such purpose sometimes not to be achieved in any other way. Of course, it is easier to count it joy when things go our way, but with the eyes of faith, may we learn to look through any pain, too. May we find our strength in our weakness.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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