25 Apr 2010

Time is a funny thing. How could it ever have been that I had so much of it that I searched for ways to kill it? I cannot imagine now to squander the least moment. Now that the short story I’ve been writing here is finished, I desire to take a break from this site, this journal, for a space. I don’t know how long, and if you’ve been with me for any stretch, you know I do this from time to time, lapsing in my posts for a month or two. I have too much else going on, methinks. When I talk of not squandering time, I speak that rest, too, is useful, and sometimes quite full of purpose. So, au revoir, for a time. Until we meet again: wondering who we will be in the time I return, for as Heraclitus observed, a man cannot step into the same river twice — the second time, it is not the same man, and it is not the same river. Peace be with you.

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