3 Jan 2010

All life seems full of vain repetition. And chasing after wind. Even dreaming will get old, if you let it. We become jaded when we stop noticing things. As we feed our need for sensation, we grow accustomed to the thrill of it all; and while that is actually useful for such things that require a dangerous series of attempts to perform (I would say that a bomb squad would qualify), if we let the riches dull our ability to feel what is before us, we are much like a ghost in the material world. For it is up to us to stop and look, stop and listen, and smell, and touch: feel for instance the smoothness of a blank piece of paper. How it ripples when shook, that particular brand’s small scent. Do yourself a favor and stare at a lit candle. Do you remember when the mystery of fire so fascinated you? For youth is still within us, however long we progress, just that we need to search for that trigger which reminds us of the miracle of this day. Of this hour, this very second.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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