25 Dec 2009

There is a dream that is Christmas. How it is that for one day, people all remember how it is, what it is to be human, and forget the other 364… this is not a mystery. The dream is of hope, and the look in a child’s eye early in that morning, when they seem so full of happy they are about to bust. The angels told it right, of course, not to be afraid, and to be of great joy: a Savior is born to us in this day, who will be the light for the whole world. And let no one tell you it is not about the presents, for I say that these do mean something, even in this day of commercial crassness. We give each of us a part of ourselves, the time it took to work for the money to purchase them, the going and getting of them. Yes, the thought that counts. For it is given us, this day, that present from God, to show His love for us. Remember that that is what He thinks of us.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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