29 Nov 2009


Perhaps the revolution will be televised? Something tells me to turn on the tube, and I flip randomly, landing on a History Channel show about the Manhattan Project. It is that famous interview with Oppenheimer himself, and there we have it, as the luminescent screen tells me who it is that is seeking me: “...Death, destroyer of worlds…” These words stand out, seemingly to glow in sound, even though it is only part of a phrase the show is relaying. The palimpsest of the notification wires itself into my imagination’s sounding board, the Dreaming is calling out to the shock troops and I have been recruited. Could it be as his role as the fourth horseman of the apocalypse? For Death does not often reveal himself in form….

And suddenly, the future becomes chaos.

[This is the end of Chapter 4, the whole of which you can see here.]

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