11 Nov 2009

The Lord Jesus Christ is the only one ever to have known the secret of secrets, who alone could comprehend the En Sof, the Endless who is God. For ordinary man may even peer the expanse of infinity and have not wisdom, but He who has beheld the face of Glory knows the true depth of love. What was meant that He was called the Son of God: that He was of the same nature, because of being the one true offspring. The mystery is how God can be one and yet be Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — each of the same nature as the others, the purpose and the being. He told us that we who saw Him had seen the Father, and perhaps thus confirm what the mystics said of God, that the Endless did not exist like we mere forms do. Of the three, the other was Spirit, which also cannot be seen: only the Son may we know of that which is beyond. And fractions what the Son reveals of Him. And by the Son’s actions may we know, too, that God is good. Being of the one nature, being of substance, love and only love.

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