8 Nov 2009

Consign yourself to weakness. Understand that any strength you thought you possessed was but an illusion. Give up. Let the Lord take care of anything and everything, humbly let yourself be led to whichever direction God is pointing you. Do your best merely to be able to listen for and to do what you are supposed to at any given moment. For in thinking you understand the best way to go is to put your own will before the will of love, who knows better. You will never understand, except in fragmentary fractions. You will never be able to do any good, except in the smallest of victories. You will ultimately have nothing to boast of, except that you did as you were told, and that, badly. But whatever little you can do, do it. For in these small, small things, even the saints were made.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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