30 Oct 2009

It comes down to this: you either bet that the world is random and meaningless, or that there is ultimately purpose and meaning to it all. After all, Camus told us that one cannot be a part time nihilist. And methinks in my understanding of this world and the next, that there will be a threshold dealt to every soul, where he/she must decide to double down on either one hand of cards or another, and the dealer will turn over the card that’s been face down this whole time. My money is on the side of meaning, if that was not plain. And I do not suppose that the afterlife is meant for one who cannot decide whether it is all worth it or not. Because that goes a long way in deciding for oneself to make a life worth it or not. This is the true gamble of faith.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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