12 May 2009

I keep thinking, at various intervals, mostly on hearing about someone on the news: “There, but for the grace of God, go I.” I think about the thin veneer of civilization, over my own civility, how close we all are to ruin. I think there is a very small distance between the worst and the best of us, and that contrary to what many of us think, we most likely do not represent what is the best of us. Given what they were given, would we not have done what they did? Perhaps it is to reduce the quality of man into fractions. Perhaps that is all it takes to be a hero, that we give just that fraction more. Or let slip a fraction, and we be the damnable. How unnerving, that these finite decisions echo out into infinity. That given what we are given, we must do right by the light. Even in the darkness. Especially in the darkness.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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