9 May 2009


As I rise, opening my eyes, it is like entering a dreamtime. I scan and all down the street are the noises of car alarms that have all been set off and are honking in each their own obnoxious rhythm. There are several people around me and down the way; they are picking themselves from the ground, a couple of them bloody — as I walk past them, I feel pieces of glass crunching under my shoes, the cause of what looks to be any injury. None of the buildings seem to have been rent apart or collapsed in the quake, but I wonder if it is that case everywhere in the city, or if some of the structures have not been as lucky. The world is somehow different. Is it that not am I now dreaming strangely, but that what was going on before was the dream, and I am thus waking to face the world as it is? What has changed?

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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