15 Apr 2009

I am a traveller in the realm of the information grids, in the matrix of the magnetically defined. None of the things I touch exists, in the sense that what I touch can be said to be merely imaginary forms, a dream of the machines. I travel through pathways of electrons, arranged specifically, signals coursing through the matter, to change the configuration of their destination. But I know that I must alight back down into the lands of the breathing, to leave the phosphorescent skyworks; I am not born for the realms of scattered lightning. I will return when I have gained some strength in the solidities. But my home is yet in the dust.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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    Dreams have their moments and reasons, but focusing on living your life fully as it currently is a good thing.


    “If Just One Person”

    Comment by Devera — 17 Apr 2009 @ 3:54 am

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