28 Mar 2009

I have come to believe in that page God has written in Heaven, where all the best poetry is written, where is scrawled the True Physics. In desiring to delve deep into my own field of study, I have at times glanced where touches the sublime with the tangible, and have seen the possibility of the world of ideals. For sometimes one may breach a vein of truth, and may feel the rush of the coursing of pure idea. It is to understand that the mind of God is as far above us as our own thought is to a stone. To see that there is beyond us, farther than we will ever reach, the direction higher into the music of the spheres. And so thankful that such an ambrosia of imagination can be tasted by mortals such as we, who wonder at the light most high, who dream of walking the upper roads.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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