13 Mar 2009

[Book. Chapter 4.]

This is the part of the movie where the hand held camera depicts the mad coagulation of chaos in the streets. People trying to run — from what? to what? — unable to get enough footing to stand straight… glass breaking overhead, and at eye level, elsewhere, unable to pinpoint exactly where, because of the great rumble from below throwing low sound in every direction… I expected more screaming, but everyone is just trying in shock to absorb what is suddenly happening to their world at large… the ground shouldn’t feel this unstable, as if it were made all of ions breaking apart all at once… and what do I do, thrown to my knees? My first impulse is to clasp my hands together… and pray. Because this is not something I can do anything about, something this large, except to call on that which is larger. I pray that everything still, and that everyone could be safe.

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