11 Feb 2009

I heard a voice from on high, “Feel blessed, that the Lord has delayed your success.” Surely, this is a call to remember that what seem as troubles are for our benefit. The house of wisdom is a house of mourning. We rush headlong into the unknown, not understanding the consequences of what we do, and not realizing the mystery behind what happens. Our weakness is the Lord’s strength. Those who are first will be last. Those who lose their lives will save them. We must not forget that lo, even the hairs on our heads are numbered, and even the smallest sparrowfall is heard: our sorrows do not escape the notice of Who is on high. Give not despair one inch, if you can possibly help it. God is love, and think not that the pain of the world can overcome the Infinite.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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