8 Feb 2009

Those who think that the world through natural forces could not have created such a wondrous creation as a human being underestimates how wonderful a world God has made. On the flipside, those scientists who believe the self-organizing properties of the world preclude a need for a Creator have merely moved the target of the why. I must say that it may be true that science and religion cannot completely reconcile with one another, but that does not mean that they are fundamentally incompatible: one can take the attitudes of either and make them complements of one another, and not fall into contradiction. For what in one says of the other it cannot be — these may merely need insight to see eye to eye. For faith and reason are both essential to the mind politic. We should not starve out one of them to feed the prejudice of the other.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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