3 Jan 2009

I am tested at every turn, all these challenges of mine watched from above. The blessing is the curse. The curse is the blessing. Somewhere in me is the notion that I will succeed in becoming fully realized as a human being, but there are instances along the way where I feel the temptation to surrender to the weakness. Even in succeeding, there is the pride I must not succumb to that I have won, for the victory is never mine; I have only done as I was told, and I am an unprofitable servant, after all is said and done. Most times, in fact, I am worse, one that loses valuable things for my master — little pieces of my soul that I kill, for it is not mine, all that is me. I have been given everything that comprises me, and all that I really can say is my function is to press on with as much will as I can muster. To do as I should, with all of what I am.

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