25 Dec 2008

There is always the prospect of what to do if one is alone in the holiday season. Myself, I am not so troubled this year, but I do remember when I was, some years ago. There is always the sense that one is missing out on something if your company merely consists of the person in the mirror. I would first begin by prayer, if one is so inclined. If God is with you, then you surely are not alone. But He lets Himself be known in very scant fashion, it must be said, and this is perhaps a solution for very few. But He may answer the prayers you do send out, so there’s another hope there. The second thing might be to see what one may do to keep oneself busy. This may actually get you all the way through New Year’s. The third thing would be NOT to eat more than you normally would. That’s surely a trap. Drinking (& other nasties) doubly so. The best thing, however: make plans for next year. Join some club, take some class, get some friends! Take how you feel and use it for fuel, not to feel like this again. This you can do; you were just too lazy this year, that is all. And maybe play some video games. In any case, Merry Christmas!

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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