14 Sep 2008

I am alive: the rush of this realization. Pleasure and pain are the chemicals that fuel my being, the pumping of the blood that mixes the strange concoction into a living soul. I am a dream that has awakened from the earth, of my creator Who is love, in whose image I am made. And if I believe, it touches on my awareness that I shall not see death, even when I leave this world. I am wonderfully and fearfully made, more than the starstuff that constitutes my matter. I am full of fear and hunger, I am full of rage and lust; but I can be eccentrically kind, deeply humble. What, o man, o woman, have you done with what your maker has given you? Do not hide your light while underneath the starry sky, but let it shine from the highest of your reaches. Burn with the life that from on high has been ignited in you. Live like life were the barest thread, cut by the Reaper at the slightest flick.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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