28 Jul 2008

At times what I have inside me I would want to pour out upon the world, to see the color of my guts, as it were, a splendid offering to the gods. At times I want to hold it all inside, to hide from both the light and the darkness, to curl up with oblivion in the null space between knowing and nothingness. I am not shy, if need be called upon me for some purpose, though I am withdrawn from much of the world at my own choosing. I will be bold, I think, in the future that comes, for what I do I must stand by, and take the flack that comes with attention. Where was I when I found myself? Staring at the distant vision of death, and understanding that who I am matters little to such cosmic things. Understanding that God is love, whatever happens, and that I am made in His image. The guts in me made of such stuff.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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