22 Jul 2008

My dreams have waited this long. Shall it be that such things as airy as that can have substance in the hard light of what is “out there”? For I shall venture that there were select others who had such distant visions implemented in the present, complicated workings of these running gears here in the solid realms. I can do more than dream, and mayhap even more than hope. It is to roll up one’s sleeves (if that metaphor still has any meaning) and take what one can from the abstract, as simple as one can find, and hammer it into shape, into iron, and soot. The shape may lose something in the translation from the land of pure forms where it was envisioned, but the workings may still have meaning. The dream can become real. This I must put my muscle behind, my faith in this. And not lose heart.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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