28 Apr 2008

Another time to take a break. I don’t know how many of you have been with me from the beginning, but I wager not very many. You would know that from time to time, I take a break from writing on this site, usually because there is too much else going on with my life. Generally, all things are very good, but there are issues that I must attend to. Mostly they deal with the line of work I started last June, a venture a long time coming. I’ve been working 32 hour days, sleeping for 16 hours afterwards. It’s exhausting. It’s great. But basically, it’s sapping any and all strength that I have to do anything at all, so some part of my life has to give. This, here, has to be it. Dunno when I’ll have the chance to come back, so goodbye for now. Wish me luck. Hope to be back someday.

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