28 Feb 2008

The soul at times will pine for impossible things. Like to turn back the years to some hour long subsided, which one forgot to make the most of on the first go. Could we truly have made things better, if given the chance? Would we all make the same mistakes, only the second time with better rationalizations? For I think I will listen to the music of times gone by, and long in my heart some unnameable desire, but I must listen to the logic that comes from my head. To desire well is a form of wisdom in itself, and I must train myself, I think, to want what can be. If not want only what should be. We are all human, and perhaps we cannot always strive toward the better alternative, but we are all born with the capacity to try. Even if we cannot reach the pinnacle, we may still breathe the air up there.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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