28 Jan 2008

Back in my wilder days, one of my favorite videos to watch was Woodstock (3 days of peace, music and love), the documentary about the festival of the same name. You know the one, 400,000 people zonked out of their minds listening to rock ‘n’ roll. The one that was declared a disaster area. Yes, that one — there is, of course, none other that you could really confuse this with, the anniversary concerts being such crass commercialism that one must just shake one’s head when one thinks of them using the same name. But the original one, in that huge gig, I think about this line that still stays with me, an announcement when they realized just how many people showed up, most without tickets: (I paraphrase) “There’s only one way this is going to work. See that man next to you? He’s your brother.” And I think that really, that so applies anywhere, everywhere you may go. See this world? There’s only one way all of this, this whole deal is going to work: see all these people around you? They’re your family. Yeah, man. That’s cool.

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