2 May 2007

on a clear day, i can see past forever
though this is merely an illusion of my pride
wondering succinctly about time
i know this is a fruitless subject to understand
when not instead living in its course
we have all been there, at the crossroads
and some went here, and some went there
some even went back to the beginning
and started again, with greater determination
but less turns of the wheel left to unwind
i myself did not begin until much later
when all else had been exhausted
and the only way left was salvation
dreaming now of what i might have been, how
i would have been lost and not understood
that i knew nothing, felt none of it
went through the motions of living
and been a ghost without a house to haunt
wandering from island to island
where i would lay down my rags and dream
about how i am just now, like this

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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