26 Apr 2007

We are shaped by forces unseen. They work for the profit not measured in gold, for the weight of souls spread throughout the world. We have all imagined that we have glimpsed the underlying order, usually a brief “aha!” when the forces of fate join and what unfolds sounds the bells that it was meant to be, when such coincidence seems that no such coincidence could be so well thought out, so speaking of higher hands invisibly guiding the waking world. We have all had strange dreams, where perhaps we are closer to the eternal world, the hidden world. Dreams that tell us things. And what would tell us that we have met an angel? For to give accommodations to strangers means there is a chance we give lodging to such creatures. One thing is clear, that when they reveal their true selves, the first thing they invariably say is, “Fear not.” And perhaps this is why that world stays unseen: this is middle ground, where it is solid, and what is above and below are heights and depths too great for mortal eyes. Perhaps, sometimes, even just to know that they are there.

posted by John H. Doe @ 2:12 am

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